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Children still waiting for adoption

Despite large numbers of prospective adopters being recruited in recent years, the numbers of available adopters are now dwindling, and certain children, including older children, boys, children with disabilities and sibling groups, continue to wait for families to call their own.

In Blackburn with Darwen, these include a young baby girl who has a number of complex health needs which are likely to affect her development as she grows older.

She is currently thriving with her foster carers and gives warm smiles.  She enjoys cuddles and interaction, and has a very positive relationship with her primary carers which indicated that she is likely to be able to live successfully with adoptive parents.

She is interested in the world around her but really needs a parent or parents to call her own who will be able to meet her health needs, whilst enjoying her wonderful developing personality and ensuring that she continues to thrive and achieve as much as she is able to.

It takes special people to love and nurture a child with additional needs, but the rewards are so much greater.  We believe the right parents are out there somewhere.

Please help us to spread the word for parents to relish this wonderful baby girl.

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